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Now available before our ghost tour October 14th and at Dublin Roaster Coffee House at 170 N. Market Street, Frederick Maryland.

As you Travel on the Historic Main Street of New Market, it doesn’t look like much, but in a blink of an eye, you’ve traveled through one of the most Haunted Historical towns in Maryland. Spirits are so regular in this town that the residents don't even think about it anymore.  

In this book you will witness actual photographs of the New Market spirits that still roam the town, learn about some of the areas ghost stories and actual paranormal activity from the locals who reside in  New Market .

Now available at Happiloo in the old  General Store in New Market or in dowloadable format.  Enjoy!

Bringing Spirit Photography back into focus!

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Frederick Maryland is not only a historical town which is the resting place of  such famous figures as Francis Scott Key, who wrote the“Star Spangled Banner" and one of Marie Antoinette accuser that sent her to the guillotine, but has its own charms of ghost and tales.  In this book you will find Spirit Photography photographs of spirits in and around some of Frederick County's haunted sites. Some of them include the investigation of the Civil War Museum, spirits who still roam Mount Saint Mary's in Emmitsburg, Monocacy Battle fields' soldiers that continue to battle even in death and more.

We are all searching for what lies beyond this life.  Viewing my spirit photographs, has given hospice patients and families peace of mind that we exist after our bodies may fail us. 

I hope this book brings new hope and peace to all who experience that "seeing is believing".   Enjoy your view of the earthbound spirits that still reside with us.