Paranormal Investigation of the following sites in Maryland:


 Ghost Visions will be sharing some pointers on spirit photography and paranormal investigation tools they use to capture spirits in photographs at the most haunted sites in New Market. Along the way, shop owners will have special treats for all to enjoy while they share their ghostly tales of spirit encounters. Don't forget to bring your camera; you never know what ghostly spirits will be capture in your photographs. Hope to see you there! 


Group Discounts available for 10 or more.  Contact Tracie at



Haunted cemeteries and Battlefield Ghosts, ending with a gathering at Liganore Winery.  

 The Civil War Museum in Frederick -  

This is one of the most haunted buildings in Frederick.  There have been many accounts of paranormal activity and sightings over the years and during one of Ghost Visions previous investigations. 

 Thurmonts most haunted sites  Scheduled: 


 On-Demand Classes
Spirit Photography Class  learn  how to detect spirit energies, class outing and identifying spirits in your photographs.  A 10 hour which includes one weekend Saturday 3 hours includes lunch, Sunday 3 hours outing at haunted sites to practice what you learned  and one Saturday 4 hours two weeks from class date for gathering  and learning to identify spirits in your photographs.   


Bringing Spirit Photography back into focus!

Below are some photos from members of our ghost tours.  Posting of orbs in motion are on my Facebook since this site does not have the ability.

Please wear comfortable shoes (walking tour). We respectfully request at least 48 hours notice for cancellations.