Bringing Spirit Photography back into focus!

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A little about Ghost Visions, my name is Tracie and I am a Spirit Photographer/Earthbound Advocate.

Since 2006, Ghost Visions has performed several investigations, which was featured in the Frederick News Post, Frederick Magazine, Gazette Post, New Market News and Pathways for their Spirit Photography, Ghost Tours and Investigations in the local Frederick County, Maryland area.

When you hear the phrase "the spirits are here now", I can honestly say that I feel their presence and have been given the gift of capturing fully formed spirits in photographs. 

I believe that to share my talents with others, is to let you experience it yourself with hands on learning.  That is why I have setup tours of the most haunted sites where the spirits are most active, it's not only fun, but also gives those of us searching for life after death the proof we need in our life. 

When we are finished with a tour, I like to setup what I call "A Gathering", where we can share our experiences and to help each other identify the spirits in photographs we may not see on our own.  Not only does it teach you how to identify ghostly images, but also how to spot what they call a portal or the veil between worlds where spirits start to enter our space and time for a brief moment. So, I hope you enjoy this site and our postings.  Thank you for your continued support of helping Ghost Visions bring awareness of spirits into our realm.